Candy color Vacuum Bottle –when I was a child like collecting candy paper, now just want to have them all

1. colour profusion, everyone I want.
2, warm “core” upgrade, do round-the-clock sunshine boy. Every moment keep warm, warm whole day.
3, in the name of temperature, let time frames. Good morning, good afternoon, good evening, always warm.
4, the new upgrade technology, inner wall seamless mirror effect, more lighter, more expensive and more safety.Corrosion resistance, no rust, easy to clean.
5, smooth texture feeling, touching very like. Grind arenaceous feel fine and smooth, let your fingers dance on the surface of the bottle.
6, the most good-looking, look carefully more charming
A.dumb smooth texture, feeling comfortable and easy to clean
B.non-slip bottom, knock against, not easy to fall
C.sealing silicone ring – food grade material, leakproof effect is better material lid – food grade stainless steel + PP, drinking water more peace

Post time: Jan-06-2023