In recent years, the food delivery industry has flourished, bringing convenience to our lives, but the waste it produces is very harmful to the environment. In a popular saying, wherever the takeaway garbage is thrown, there will be problems: if we throw it out of the city and landfill it, it will stink into the sky, and even living areas dozens of miles away can smell it. Because most of the disposable tableware is made of plastic, after the landfill, the original soil there is also polluted, and even the surrounding soil cannot be used; if it is thrown into the incineration plant, a large amount of toxic gas will be produced. Dioxins, to a great extent, endanger our health. If plastic products enter the soil directly, it will harm the growth of crops; if they are thrown into rivers, lakes and seas, animals will die after being eaten by mistake, and there will be white plastic particles in the bodies of animals, and if we eat these animals, it is equivalent to ate plastic.
In order to make our living environment less polluted, we propose the following initiatives:

1.When eating at home, do not use disposable tableware.
2.If you need to use disposable tableware for group activities, pay attention to garbage
3.If you need to pack food, try to bring your own lunch box and use less disposable lunch boxes.It is recommended to use a recyclable lunch box and lunch pot.

There is a reusable snack pot, is made from quality #304 grade stainless steel. It is durable,corrosion resistant and has a leak proof lid,perfect for food on the go.The insulated design means your pot will stay condensation free, whilst keeping food cold for up to 8 hours and hot for up to 6 hours. It also features a foldable handle built into the lid, making this pot the best solution for transporting a variety of snacks and meals.Just fill up and go!

Let’s act together to protect the environment.

Post time: Jun-29-2022